Food Stylist

My interest in food styling spawned from an obsession with food and making it look beautiful. My love of food, cooking and styling in a professional, creative and mouth watering way for the camera stems from my passion and I have turned this passion into my everyday working dream for all aspects of food marketing and food photography As a food stylist I pride myself in executing the client's vision. A food stylist's job is to use the edible object as a means of evoking a positive emotional response. It is also to be a team player and take part in making the day go as smoothly as possible. I think of every small detail and anticipate what you may need even if it has not been mentioned. This is just a part of a food stylist's duties in executing a job well done. I believe that my work as an artist and as a food stylist inform and benefit each other as my knowledge and skill sets continue to grow and evolve.
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