Girls Night out at Streets BK

This week I had the pleasure of visiting one of Brooklyn’s newest restaurants: Streets BK located in Williamsburg.

I have been dying to dine at Streets BK after seeing all of the mouthwatering foods on Instagram. And then I found out that the brains behind the Brooklyn hot spot SOCO, a restaurant offering Southern Fused Cuisine were teaming up with Chef Roblé to create Streets BK.

“A concept 10 years in the making, Streets brings to life a new frontier in cuisine that marries flavors around the world and brings them to the world’s largest melting pot– New York City.”

I absolutely love the background story of Chef Roblé, and I follow him on all of the major social media platforms. He inspires me to keep honing my craft and to continue to work on building my brand, which is pretty hard to do in the highly saturated world of culinary arts. Chef Roble continues to amaze me with his fresh, new ideas and culinary creations, which is why I had to visit Streets BK and experience his food for myself.

Keep reading to read my review of Streets BK.

I visited the restaurant on a Wednesday evening with two of my girls from High School; my bestie brought her 3-year-old daughter, and I brought my 9-month-old son. Prior to arriving, I received a call confirming our reservation and I asked if it was kid-friendly, in fact it is. As a new mom this is an important element when dining out. So on a Wednesday night, two of my closest high school friends, met me with my 9-month old son in tow at Streets BK.

It was not crowded at all during this time and I strategically picked this hour to go because I knew I would have my son with me.

The experience

The idea of being able to visit multiple countries by sitting in one room was mind blowing to me. We had an extremely nice server, Aiden, who explained the menu to us in detail. Yes, I’m one of those people who stalk menus one hundred times over prior to visiting a restaurant, and by the time I arrive, I already have my meal (appetizer, drink, entrée, and dessert) planned. Nevertheless, having Aiden readily describe the culinary journey we were about to embark on made the experience at Streets BK even more enjoyable.

What’s a mommy’s night out with the ladies without a cocktail, right?

My friends and I perused the cocktail menu, and they were moderately priced ranging from $10 to $12. I asked Aiden for his recommendations. I usually don’t like taking chances with my drinks – being from Brooklyn I’m a Hennessy straight kind of girl – but I know that waiter, bartender recommendations are usually spot on. In taking Aiden’s advice, I selected the Clementine Cilantro Mojito. Aiden was on point with this choice! Clementine’s are in-season and I’m all for tasting fruits and vegetables when they are at their peak of freshness.

At first, trying to conceptualize cilantro in my drink was a bit off-putting because cilantro is one of those either you like or absolutely hate, but I loved it in this drink. It was not too sweet and the clementine soda gave it a refreshing fizz. At first I thought “Wait, where’s the rum in this drink?” And then, it hit me! I felt a nice buzz from the alcohol.

Clementine Mojito-Streets BK Cocktail

Clementine Mojito-Streets BK Cocktail

My long time friend, Linda chose the Streets Pain Killer; Rum, Sorrel, Pineapple Juice, Creme de Coco, Nutmeg. We were told it was very popular. The ingredients screamed winter inspired pina colada, not as sweet though and very light. I got it but it needed more “umph” from the other components.

Streets Pain Killer Streets BK

Streets Pain Killer Streets BK

Taryn is a little more dainty so she opted for the ; Gin, Champagne, Lemon, Thyme, Concord Grape Puree, Grape Foam. I guess I’m in love with the addition of herbs to my drinks because this was a great marriage of flavors.

Concord Grape French 75 Streets BK

Concord Grape French 75 Streets BK

The Street Food Experience

I had such a hard time choosing which dishes I wanted to try because the descriptions of everything were so good. My goal was to taste as many things as possible without breaking the bank. My friends opted to order different dishes so that we could experience as much as we could from the menu. I started out with the Mexican Street Corn also known, as Elote, which was good, but you can’t really mess up grilled corn.

The Bulgogi Tacos (giving them the “Roc” emoji hands). The meat was marinated so well and the different textures and the flavor combinations; salty, sweet, and briny from the kimchi aioli was amazing!

Mexican Corn and Korean Tacos

Mexican Corn and Korean Tacos

Next, I had my eyes set on the Sicilian Arancini described as having squid ink risotto, calamari, shrimp served with a smoked tomato coulis. I was so disappointed with this dish. It needed more flavor from the seafood. I expected the seafood to be chopped pretty coarsely but I kept biting into a paste of some sort that wasn’t at all flavorful. The tomato coulis on the other hand, was very good with a bit of sweetness that I think complemented the dish well.

Sicilian Arancini

Sicilian Arancini

I was pretty familiar with the Caribbean dishes because my in-laws are from Trinidad. That still didn’t stop me from encouraging my friend to try the Roti Canai. This was one of the best dishes of the night. The Roti was buttery soft and the Malaysian chicken curry was packed with flavor.



Peri Peri Wings, I was glad that these were grilled and proved that you don’t have to fry a wing for it to be great. The Peri Peri glaze was just the right amount of sweet and spice. I so wanted to love the Seoul Spicy Octopus. The presentation was pretty but all it had was spice. I din’t get anything else from it and it lacked salt. I so wanted to try the LA Hot Dog; Baked beans, Carmelized onions, Duck confit slaw,  but my friend’s three-year old daughter devoured them before I could taste any. I still don’t know how she ate 1.5 hot dogs!

Peri Peri Wings Streets BK

Peri Peri Wings Streets BK



LA Hot Dog Trio

LA Hot Dog Trio

After ordering all of that, I had to order the Mariscadas. I love seafood! Although the flavors were there, and the mussels, calamari and catfish were cooked perfectly, the shrimp were a bit over cooked and rubbery. My friend Linda ordered the Jerk pork and it was very tender but the jerk sauce was a bit salty.

Mariscadas Streets BK

Mariscadas Streets BK

Finally, the night was over and I was stuffed. That still didn’t stop me from ordering Peri Peri wings and the Bake and Shark to-go. I’ve never been to Maracas Bay to have an authentic Bake and Shark but this… this! Was really good. The menu describes it as, “Spiny shark, coleslaw, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, mango chutney, tamarind sauce, shadon bennie”. The sauce was really good and the sandwich was a great size.

Bake and Shark Streets BK

Bake and Shark Streets BK

All-in-all, the food was really good, and I definitely will be going back to Streets BK, especially to have my favorites and a few items that I didn’t get to try this time around. The starter portions are pretty filling and it allows you to experience what they are selling, a global food fair. However, I was a little disappointed in not seeing street-inspired desserts and hopefully they will add that in the future.


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  1. Everything looks good! I wish I'd gone 🙁 I can't believe that little girl ate 1 1/2 of those hot dogs! But, wait, I've seen her eat… she's like her mom! lol

    • We will go together. I just couldn\’t wait any longer lol. She definitely has her moms attitude and appetite.

  2. The food looks delish!! I'm always looking for kid friendly places! Great post!

    • It was for the most part Caprece! I will definitely be going back.

  3. Everything looks delicious! It's been so long since I've been to New York. So many good eats!
    My recent post Confession: I’ve got nerve

  4. Val

    OMG everything looks delicious! I love checking out new places to dine. Once we thaw out I will have to bring my girls for our own outing. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is food porn! LOL… I want some… well described and well written. I hope you saved us some 🙂
    My recent post The Big Surprise Just For You

  6. Jonesy

    Those drinks look great! I wanted to try the food at this place. I love a good Mexican corn : )

  7. Emerald

    This food looks amazing! I wish I could jump through the screen and eat it!!! I'm here for the drinks too! xx! -Em
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  8. staciebra

    Ooh wee, I'm hungry now and I just ate! The food looks delicious, especially the tacos and corn!

  9. sunshine494

    This sounds awesome! I might have to check this place out! I like Chef Roble, I met him once working on a commercial he is a very nice person who I would happily support.

  10. Oh I have to check out this resturant. I love SoCo and this menu soinds Enticing for an island gal like me. I’m also huge on a kid friendly restaurant so it’s awesome to get a recommendation from another mom.

  11. This restaurant sounds amazing! The food looks so delicious and I would love to try the Mexican corn.

  12. Looks like you just put us on to a new date night spot! The food sounds really good–especially the wings. I'm sure my hubby will want the bake and shark. I'm off to stalk the menu. I'll be sure to come back and let you know what we thought!
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  13. This food looks amazing! That grilled corn looks so delicious. I would also choose the Clementine Cilantro Mojito. Next time I'm in Brooklyn, I plan to try this place. Thanks for posting.
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  14. Mimi - MimiCuteLips

    The combinations look really interesting, I need to put this on my list for my next visit. That Clementine Mojito-Streets BK Cocktail looks so deliciously divine.

  15. Patricia

    What a cool concept for a restaurant to have. I would love to go there and try the different types of food they offer. It sounds like a great place to dine with friends and family.

  16. brownmediamama

    that looks good, I am intrigued but you also mentioned a lot of foods I am allergic to. My son will not eat that hot dog either, I have to check out the whole menu.

    • Was it the seafood? I love seafood so that\’s what most of my options were.

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